Global Battery Alliance komt met zegel voor eerlijke accupakketten

The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) has announced the creation of a new certification label that will identify batteries made with ethical and sustainable practices. The label will cover the entire battery value chain, from the mining of raw materials to the manufacturing and recycling of batteries. It will be awarded to companies that meet a set of criteria, including ensuring safe working conditions for employees, eliminating child labor and reducing carbon emissions. The GBA aims to make sustainable batteries the norm by 2030, and this new certification label is a significant step towards achieving that goal. The label will enable consumers to make informed choices about the products they buy and support companies that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices. By encouraging the use of sustainable batteries, the GBA hopes to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of battery production and use.

Een Fairtrade-achtig keurmerk, dat blijkt geeft van een productieproces waarin geen kwalijke zaken zijn voorgevallen.

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